How do I get a quote?

There are several ways to get a quote

  • Request a quote directly from our website
  • Send us an email

How do I place an order?

  • Completing the online order process.
  • For custom orders a signed copy of out quote: confirming style, colour alone with payment proof of the 50% deposit.

Can I choose a different wood colour?

Changing the wood colour is a custom order. We can do any of our standard wood finishes and standard colours. Non-standard colours can be accommodated and can be discusses with with your sales consultant.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we do custom orders for a minimum quantity of 5. To start the process, request a quote. 

What is my wood colour options?

You can view our standard wood finishes here.

Is delivery Included in the prices?

Delivery is not included in the price of the units, but is calculated when ordering.

A special delivery arrangement can be made for bulk orders to certain areas 

Where are the products made?

All the products are made at our factory in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What type of heater is it? 

An electric convection panel heater

What is it made of?

The heater panel is made from a fibre-cement board (non-asbestos).

How does it work?

Like a central heating system, it uses the principle of hot air rising, or convention heating, continuously drawing in cooler air to be heated. This very economic form of “background” heating is safe and efficient. 

How economical is it?

It is probably the most economical heater on the market. It has such a low wattage, meaning it uses very little electricity. You can save up to 80% of electricity when compared to a 1500 Watt heater, generally used in households.

Is it safe for children and pets?

YES, the panel heater has no exposed elements, no gas and has a safer, lower surface temperature. The fibre cement board of the wall panel heater has a heat transfer rate that is about 40 times slower than metal surfaces.

Does it help if I have a central heating system?

Yes, the Varme can be used in conjunction with your central heating system to help you save on the central heating costs. By using a Varme, you can create heat more economically efficiently by reducing the usage and temperature of the central heating system or by keeping it switch off for longer periods of time.

Can I paint on it?

Yes, the panel can be painted with any household PVA paint. Whether to match a wall colour, customize your panel with your own creative ideas or let the children have fun designing their own heater. (no oil-based paints)